About Celebrating London

The London Region of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) invites Londoners and visitors to the capital to participate in Celebrating London – a London-wide photo project running from late 2017 to late 2018.


The objective of the project is to photograph London’s cultural depth and diversity through its many public festivals and events. Like our previous Breathing London Project, we aim to build an on-line database of images which will serve as a documentary record and are intended to form the basis for Exhibitions and maybe a book or books in the future.


  • Photography for the project will finish at 31st December 2018
  • You will be able to upload your images until mid-January 2019
  • Between mid-January and March 2019, we will be preparing for a Major Exhibition in Central London, currently scheduled for the month of April.


This is the third project of its type which RPS London Region has organized. The first project was Bleeding London, where we took a photograph in every street in London, the second was Breathing London, where we recorded the diversity of London’s green and open spaces, the “lungs” of the Capital over the space of a year, and now we are looking at how London’s diverse communities come together through festivals and events.

The parameters

The parameters for the project are that images can be taken at any Public or publicly accessible celebration, festival or event. This can be anything from, for example, Chinese New Year in and around Soho to Remembrance Sunday Services all over the capital, Christmas Markets (Columbia Road Flower Market for example) and the various sporting events such as the London Marathon. We are also looking forward to some of the more eclectic events which take place in London such as “The Tweed Run” and the “Malden Dog Show”, not to mention Highgate’s Summer Show where sheep-shearing is a large feature!

There will be opportunities for different genres of photography: e.g. street, environmental portraiture, sports, documentary, creative – and it is hoped that the project will give opportunities to learn or, in the case of the more experienced photographer, to share their knowledge and expertise. We also hope to encourage more people to become involved in photography in general and the RPS in particular.

What will happen during the Project?

Major events are being posted in advance on our Facebook page and in a Weekly Update which is e-mailed to project participants on request. Photographers will be able to meet up and form a group to work together if they so wish, but they are also welcome to follow their own themes or sub-projects. At the end of the project there will be an Exhibition (or Exhibitions) and maybe a book or two.

We’re In, Are You?

  • Bring your enthusiasm and ideas
  • You don’t have to be an RPS Member: you don’t have to live in London
  • You don’t have to be a photographer: you don’t even have to own a camera! Any device which captures images will do: Instagrammers particularly welcome

Need more information before you sign up?

Look on our website and Facebook Page, watch for our blogs, e-mails, tweets and instagrams!

Are you ready to Sign Up?

To join the project, follow the link here: When you have signed up you will receive a password and login details for this website and you will be able to upload your images.

Any questions at all, please e-mail the organisers: celebratinglondon@rps.org